3 Things you can do to get more out of your Social media


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Social media can’t stay behind in your companies marketing strategy. But do you use your Social media to the fullest? 


No more chaos wrote 3 tricks down to get the most out of Social media. 

Always make sure your page is vivid by posting at least 3 posts a week. By doing this your followers will always be up-to-date with your companies pursuits. It isn’t called “Social” media, so make sure your followers feel connected with your company. Another great advantage with posting at least 3 times a week is getting more brand awareness.

There is no problem repeating some information on Social media to put the focus on important messages. Just make sure every message looks different and never repeat the exact message you posted before. Why? When you post the same content over and over again, your followers will get bored or even agitated and won’t take upcoming posts seriously or just read past them. Always keep your posts fresh and powerful!

Share campaigns
An interesting campaign can increase your reach of costumers quickly. Don’t forget to use an App on Facebook while making your campaign, because like, share and win campaigns, without using an App, are forbidden on Facebook. Also try to think about your target, what attracts them, what would make them happy? After your figured out what your target is, make a nice flyer and your campaign can spread over the social media!

No more chaos make a lot of campaigns,with great flyers to get more attention, for our customers. When we do you will keep more time available for other important occasions of your company. Beside that we always keep track of your companies statistics to see what you need to change in your social media posts to make the pages even better!