Did you know you have a second hidden inbox on Facebook?

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With every page on Facebook, just remember you have a hidden inbox where you receive messages as well! You can only see these messages when you click on your hidden inbox and you don’t get a notification of new messages as you are used to with the normal inbox. No more chaos explains where you can find this hidden inbox and why it exists.

Hidden inbox?
You might be thinking, what is up with that, don’t I have just one inbox on Facebook? Sadly the answer is: no. Every user on Facebook has a normal inbox called inbox, but also a hidden inbox! In the hidden inbox you don’t get any notifications of new items, with the consequence of missing important messages or invitations!

When you click in Facebook on “messages” or “Inbox” you will see a subitem called “other”. When you click on “other” a new inbox will appear. You can find messages from years ago which you never read because you didn’t get any notification of them.

How did those messages get there?
The “other” inbox collects messages which came from people who aren’t in your friends list. Facebook does this to make sure that you won’t be constantly bothered with messages from strangers. So it may be that your “other” inbox is still empty, simply because you haven’t received any messages from “not friends” yet.

Check it anyway!
It is still important as a company to check this inbox on messages even though your “other” inbox doesn’t contain any messages right now. What if a potential client or employer sends you a message and you never read it! To make sure our clients get all the messages they need to read, we always advise them to check both the normal inbox and the hidden inbox; we don’t want to miss important messages, do we?