The possibilities of Twitter

Twitter adviesHow can you create more brand awareness on Twitter as a entrepreneur. And how can you keep your followers interested? No more chaos loves to help you out with some clever tips! Twitter is an amazing portal to get in contact with new customers and/or employers, but also to stay connected with your existing customers. Both small as big companies make use of the huge public on Twitter. Every follower is always up-to-date with the companies’ changes and thereby feels more connected to the company, they feel like they really know the entrepreneurs.

Make sure your profile has the same corporate identity as you use on your website or in your store, so someone can see directly if they are on the right Twitter page to follow your company. Just really think about how the design should look, without making it a chaos. Twitter doesn’t supply a lot of design possibilities, so figure out how to show the important parts of your corporate identity.

Twitter is updated even more than Facebook, the only thing you don’t know about a employee is if they are going to the bathroom, but tweets are made continual. So if you have a Twitter account make sure to use it and try to contact your followers in a personal way. You can make contact with your followers by asking them a question, but also by sharing what you are up to or what your company is working on can be a tweet. As we explained before, followers like to be involved with the company. By placing daily tweets about company events, or if possible a video “behind the scenes”, your followers will feel more connected to your company and to you as an owner.

By using hashtags or “#” in your tweets, people can find you or your company easier. You can look at hashtags as keywords which tell potential followers what your tweet is about. Because tweeters can search on topics to find what they like. So when you are writing an important tweet don’t forget to add some hashtags, hereby more people read your tweets and you have a greater possibility of increasing in followers.

Often you see a potential customer passing by on Twitter who is not yet following your comapny or doesn’t even know you exist. If so you have to be creative to make them get to know you. When you want to increase your followers for more brand awareness you can switch roles. Go to their profile and follow them! When you click to follow your potential customers they will get notified of a new follower. Chances are that these people will check who just started to follow them. They will get to your profile page and read a few of your tweets. Instantly they meet your company name, corporate identity, goals and ofcourse your pursuits. Do they think you are interesting? Then they can just press one button to follow you! Aren’t they following you directly? Don’t worry at least they now heard of you and you increased your brand awereness. You get attention by giving attention, so keep on tweeting, show them who you are and what you stand for.