The value of Skype within a company

De waarde van skype in een onderneming

Time is money, that isn’t a secret, but why are we so old-fashioned, making appointments in restaurants or other locations that have nothing to do with our company? Skype is a way to stop this nonsense. You can stay on your own location and still feel you are on the same table as your client or employer. No more chaos is glad to explain how Skype works and what the value is of using it within a company.


How does it work?

Skype is a software which you can download for free on the internet. When you have downloaded the software you can set up your own account; make sure you think about which user name you will be using. This will be the name which other users will fill in to find you. Next you can fill in your personal data into the “Profile”, you can change this data whenever you want. Now you are all set and ready to go, you can make use of internet or WiFi to call people, to have video conversations, to chat and lots more!

What do you need to Skype?
To use Skype you will obviously be needing a computer or other device with an internet connection. Besides that, you will also need a headset or built-in microphone so you can call people. If you would like to have video conversations you should have a built-in camera or you can make use of a webcam.

What is the advantage of using Skype?
By using Skype you can add credit to your account, which you can use to call landlines or mobiles in your own country or foreign countries. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the credit, but from the moment you know people who also use Skype, you can contact them for free! You will be using internet or WiFi. Skype is for free so there won’t be any additional costs by using the software.

What is the value of using Skype in your company?
During busy periods, like right now with Christmas coming, employers, clients and entrepreneurs have little time and a lot of appointments. Therefore, they loose extra time by traveling to many different locations and then finally they run out of time to go to every appointment. When you use Skype, every party can stay on their own location and still talk about their business. As a result, neither party will be traveling, and that will save a lot of time and hassles. No more waiting in traffic, no delays in trains or subways… doesn’t everybody want a situation like that?

Calling and chatting
You don’t have a camera but you want to make use of free conversations? This is possible on Skype, you can call people for free or easily open chat conversations to talk things over. Calling and chatting is a good way to talk to many employees in your company. Unnecessary walking is in the past.

No more chaos makes a lot of use of video conversations. With these conversations it is like sitting opposite the person you are talking with. The quality of sound and view is excellent. Another handy possibility is that you can easily send files to each other while talking, which you can open directly to view them.

Group conversations
What if you have an important meeting scheduled which is canceled because of the weather, like for example a lot of snow. Nobody can come to the office, how can you still make this a productive day? By using Skype you can have group conversations without any trouble, with or without a camera. So what an opening! The meeting can still continue and everyone has the information they need to work at home for the day.

Skype is simple, free and can be used all over the world. So when it is necessary to set an appointment on location, that’s fine, but when in need use Skype as a great alternative to talk to your colleagues in a more efficient and cost-effective way. That is why No more chaos advises every entrepreneur to start Skyping. We already have an account, do you?