A Facebook ad useful or a waste of time and money?

Advertenties op FacebookBy using a business Facebook page you have the possibility of placing advertisements online. A lot of people are wondering how you can advertise on Facebook, how high the costs are and if you really will get more potential customers to your company or page. No more chaos will help you out and explain if advertising on Facebook is worth the trouble and how the process actually works.

Useful or not at all?
No more chaos has done some research on the use of Facebook advertisements. Results show that, when properly used, the advertisements can certainly be useful for small as well as big companies. With these adds you can easily get more attention to your company in important periods.

Determine your target
While you are making a Facebook add you can determine your target group, which ensures that the right public will read your message. Advertisements will have the best results with a target group of at least a few thousand people. It is normal that not everybody of your target reacts to your advertisements, so the more people you reach, the more people will actually respond or like your items. You can adjust the settings of the add so you can reach exactly the target group you want to reach.

Advertisements can be displayed on the right side of the Facebook pages. Other places to display the advertisements are on different types of pages like applications, pictures, groups, pages or in the newsfeeds. Nowadays most advertisements are shown in the newsfeed, so it is best if you place it over there. Many people are used to seeing advertisements on the right side of the page, so they don’t bother to look into it again.

What happens when somebody clicks on my add?
When somebody clicks on your Facebook add they will be led to different places.This depends on the settings you specified when making the add. So you can determine yourself where you want the people to go when they click on the add. When they do click they can go, for example, to:

  • Pages, apps or events which you control on Facebook;
  • Pages which other people control;
  • External websites.

Every add is different, so it is in your best interest to formulate your goal, so what do you want to accomplish with each add? Examples of goals you can have are more likes on your company page, more attention to an current offer, product/service or more visitors on your website. Before making an add think about what your goals are and what you want to accomplish, so you will reach your goals easier.

When you place a Facebook add, you pay for the amount of views or clicks the add gets. The amount you pay is never higher than your predetermined budget per day or the long-term budget and there are no extra costs included by placing a Facebook add. On an average base €50,00 will reach about 10.000 people within a term of 2 weeks.

Daily budget
This budget is the amount of money you are willing to pay every day to a certain campaign. You never pay more than your budget which you have set in your settings. When you fill in the daily settings Facebook gives an estimation of the number of persons you will reach with this budget. So always look at this number and make sure if the add is worth your trouble regarding your determined goals and the budget you have available. No one wants to spend money without a perspective on the intended result!

Long-term budget
Instead of setting a daily budget you can also choose a long-term budget. With a long-term budget you set an amount of money which will be spent during the period of time you select. For example; you have a budget of 250 euros and choose a term of 20 days (€ 12,50 a day), then Facebook makes sure that this budget will be used to its fullest in this period. When on the first day only 8 euro are spent, Facebook tries to compensate the missing amount on a later date in the time period. The add will be shown extra on other pages to make sure that your full amount is used by people clicking your add.

No more chaos Tip
Never make an add without thinking about what budget you have available and what your goals are. Facebook helps you by giving different setting possibilities, so make sure to use them. Also think about the time period, which is the best period to place an add for your company?
At the moment it is still not possible to place video adds in the newsfeeds, but we will keep you posted when there is more information. Make sure to keep an eye on our blog for the newest updates!

Do we have your attention now?
If you are interested in Facebook advertisements, but you just don’t have the time to place these adds, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through our contactform. No more chaos loves to give you more information about our services and helps you think about and place cool offers or advertisements!