How to use Flipagram in your company?

No more chaos Blog subject FlipagramFlipagram has been available for a while now and is a great marketing tool! How do you use Flipagram correctly and why don’t all companies use it already? No more chaos will explain how Flipagram works and why you should use it within your company!

What is Flipagram?
Flipagram is an application which you can use to share “moments” on pictures or images in a video, you can even add music to your video! Flipagram can be used on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. A new feature is the possibility to narrate your own voice into the video’s. You can tell your story, visualize it and share it with the world!

Why should you use Flipagram within your company?
Now a days the biggest marketing tool is telling stories to your customers. Images tell more than a thousand words, so make your clients feel connected to your brand or business and you are in. By using Flipagram you can let your customers relate to your company. You can, for example, show them a video of pictures of your new collection of summer clothing. Adding a joyful song to the video will give them the feeling you want. They will get exited to buy your new products and are ready for the summer. Or when you have your 30th anniversary, you can show the growth your company has made with pictures from when you just started and pictures until the present day.

Just started your company?
You can also use Flipagram when you just started your company. Wouldn’t it be great if your potential customers or clients just click on a Flipagram and within a minute they know everything about your company! You can tell them your story, like why you started the company or give them information about the services you provide.

Easy to use
The application is totally free and easy to use. You can add pictures from your phone or your Instagram library and upload the music, tell the video the start time of the music and add your own voice. The best way to find out is to download Flipagram and try it your self. No more chaos helps companies to make their own Flipagrams and is now working on a special Flipagram, we will share it with you soon!