How can you make your LinkedIn page more professional?

linkedin skills en vaardigheden

A lot of people already use LinkedIn, but how can you make your page more interesting for clients/employers? We like to give you some free tips which you can find below.

A nice way to get more attention on your LinkedIn page and making it look more professional at the same time is by using “endorsements”. In your profile settings you add skills also called abilities you manage, other people can see what you do best.

Now the interesting part; people in your LinkedIn network can endorse or also called confirm your skills! As shown in the image above, when people endorse a skill their picture is set next to the skill. You can see how many people endorsed your skills as well, on the left side of the picture.

Social media and LinkedIn
It would be awesome if people endorsed your skills by themselves, but most of the time they need a little help to do so. When you want to expand your LinkedIn page you can always use other social media! How does it work? Real simple, for example place a post on Facebook and ask your friends to help each other out. “Friends stick together don’t they?” could be a nice title or “Friends services required!” as a title could work fine. In the content of the post just ask your friends to help making each others LinkedIn page more interesting and professional by endorsements. Ofcourse nobody works for free so also write down that when they endorse one or more of your skills, obviously you will do the same for them at their profile.

By placing the post you will receive a lot of endorsements at once on your page and you will only have to endorse one skill on the pages of your connections. Outcome? You are in an advantage on your connections since you will for example get 10 endorsements and they will get just 1 endorsement on their page at first. But why does this system work good anyway? You are doing something for a friend, you tell them what you will do and you stick to it, you are doing something in return for them what makes them happy and feel good.