Social media

Social media offers a great platform to contact new or existing clients, to share news messages, to introduce your company etc. So Social marketing can not be missing in your online marketing strategy. No more chaos shows you the opportunities that social media has to offer and can help you with integrating social media into your online marketing strategy.

No More Chaos can help you create traffic on your social media pages/walls, this means that we can help you weekly to post messages, share interesting information and news.
These messages create brand awareness, keeps you close to your costumers and creates more attention for the product or service you sell, resulting in more fans, likes or followers.
These messages could be facts, fun images, news, products or anything that you would like to share with your costumers or potential costumers, making them fans of your company.
Social media offers a great new platform to be in touch with your costumers and can't stay behind in your online marketing strategy.

We will make sure your company uses all social media platforms that can be interesting for your type of business. Finding out which layout fits your business and seeing how many messages and what sort of messages you would like to have posted on your social media pages.
We will also link your website to your social media pages, to make sure every visitor to your website will be able to find and follow you on your social media pages.

In case you don't have enough time or knowledge to keep your social media pages up to date or to actively generate more fans, likes or followers, No more chaos will gladly help you out!
In personal corporation with our clients we will take care of all sorts of communication on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
We will also make a detailed plan on when and what to post, to make sure you are never late posting news on sales, products or any other marketing activity. This will keep all your followers well informed about your business and create more brand awareness for your company!

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