Why you do need Social Media

Social-media-research-stats No more chaosWhy you do need Social Media

Some of our clients were still not convinced of the importance of using Social media in their marketing strategy, so we decided to do a little investigation for all of you to proof the difference.

In our normal situation we try to maintain our own blog every week and then post notices about it on all our Social media pages. When we started our investigation in August we posted less messages then usual, then in September we just stopped posting and blogging completely to see how many persons would visit our website.

The result was astonishing, in July we had over a 1000 visitors on our website, this was when we still posted notices and blog posts normally. Then in August when we started to post less, you could already see the amount dropping to 850 visitors. Last but not least in September when we didn’t post anything at all we had a small 390 visitors. As you can see, this is a great difference with July and this proofs how important social media is for your website and online marketing strategy.

Do you really want to keep your social media up to date to attract more visitors to your website and don’t you have the time to do so correctly? No more chaos is happy to help you out with all your Social media activities. For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at info@nomorechaos.nl.