Webdesign & Development

Nowadays a website is your online business card, it’s a snapshot of your business, so a good first impression is critical!
No more chaos doesn’t just create new websites, from scratch, based on the most innovative designs; we can also redesign your existing website to make it meet the newest online demands & trends, always making it match your business style.
You only get one chance to make a first impression, so let No more chaos make it great.

Our services

Basic Website;
Standard Website;
Design Website;

Basic website

500* Once

A basic theme, entry level website, with limited format options, colors and sizes available.
We offer:

A free theme
Limited number of possible changes
Design changes to format
Layout changes to format
Weekly back-up of webpage
Adding images and pictures
Adding text
Adding logo

Easy, simple and fast with a good price/quality comparison.

* all prices are dependent on your specific needs and are exclusive of VAT.

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Standard Website

800* Once

A Standard Design website will give you more options in terms of themes and designs, in addition we will adapt the website to your specific needs.
We offer:

Choice of a large number of themes
Multiple format changes
Layout changes
Changes to colour
Changes of fonts
Dynamic use of images or photos

We are happy to provide a tailor made theme that will closely match your requirements.

* all prices are dependent on your specific needs and are exclusive of VAT.

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Design Website

1500* Once

A tailor made, unique website, completely custom made and specific to your requirements. The sky is the limit!
We offer:

A custom made plan
A personal design
Choice of layouts
Basic changes
Standard changes
Custom made changes
Unique webdesign
Social media business pages

An original and unique website which fits your company and online profile.

* all prices are dependent on your specific needs and are exclusive of VAT.

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All our websites are Wordpress integrated. This enables you to easily maintain & make changes to your new webpage once it is online. If you are not sure which package is best for you or your business, please contact us and we will be happy to help you out.


For all the work we do, especially when it concerns web development, we take great care in knowing your needs as a client so we can make a plan to find the website style that will fit well with your company. We will conduct a competition analysis in your business market, to find out how you and your business can be unique in the online arena, to help you stand out to potential customers.
Besides designing or redesigning your website we can also help you out with creating a new style or help you with online marketing strategies.

No More Chaos helps you with all the online elements of your business, so you can focus on the things that are really important, like running your business and being successful.

Web development does not need to be expensive, ask us to make you an offer through our contact form and be surprised!