Which steps do i have to take before i can use iDEAL on my website?

No more chaos steps before implementing idealWhen you would like to implement the dutch e-commerce payment system called iDEAL, you should think about a lot of stuff. What are the possibilities of iDEAl? How do i implement iDEAl on my website? What do i want my customers to do with iDEAL? No more chaos will help you get started with some of the steps you have to take before implementing iDEAL on your website.

What is iDEAl?

If you have a webshop or any other e-commerce website and you would like to expand your business to Holland, you should obviously look into the online Dutch payment methods. In a lot of countries around the world customers use Paypal as a payment program, but in Holland we are not so keen on Paypal. The most used method at this moment is iDEAL, which is an e-commerce payment system based on online banking. This payment method allows customers to buy on the Internet using direct online transfers from their bank account. A few of the participating banks in iDEAL are ABN AMRO, ING Bank, Rabobank. Together these serve the vast majority of the Dutch online banking market. So if you want to start using iDEAL you better get a deal with at least one of these banks.

What’s next?

First of all you need to get a contract at one or a few Dutch banks, there are many contracts available so make sure you pick a contract that fits your companies needs. Why? With some contracts you pay a monthly fee, though with other contracts you pay a fixed fee per transaction. Depending on your companies branche this fee should be selected correctly or you could loose a lot of money!

What do i need to do when i have my contract from the bank?

Ok so you know which contract fits your needs, but what to do now? You should think about what you want your customers to see and to do on your website before they get to the iDEAL payment page. Do you want to use a Form what customers need to fill in before they can pay or are you going to use products on your page? Every single step your clients will have to take need to be implemented in your page, so don’t rush into using iDEAL before you know exactly what you want.

I know exactly what i want to do with iDEAL, now what?

Not many people have the time or the knowledge to implement iDEAL on their website themselves so you can hire a webdesigner/developer to help you out. If you are sure about all the things your page and iDEAL will need, you will save a lot of money when hiring a developer to implement iDEAL on your website. Why? Even when developers use standard programs to implement iDEAL it takes a lot of time do so. If you have special wishes which aren’t available in the standard programs it is best to tell your developer immediately so he or she can think about other options right away instead of afterwards and this will save a lot of time and money.

What will the developer have to do before iDEAL is ready to be used?

First the developer will have to fill in all the details and settings in the online bank environment. When all the details have been filled in, he will have to get or make the right program for your company and implement the bank details. When those details have been filled in correctly he can make a test transaction to see if everything works correctly.
So now all the details have been filled in and the test transaction is completed, what to do now? Depending on your wishes he will now for example make a Form or make a product list. Last but not least he will need to fill in the style of the page, to make sure it has the same style as your company. Now you are all set and ready to go with your new payment system, let’s conquer the world!

We can help you out!

No more chaos has a lot of experience with implementing iDEAL to several different websites. We will make sure that you can focus on your other priorities and implement iDEAL without any chaos. So if you are thinking about getting iDEAL don’t hesitate to contact us true the contactform for more information.